Getting ready for the 70-533 Exam – Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

I strongly believe that certification is the way to prove not only to your employer but to yourself as well that you understand very well the subject. And it does not matter you are IT guy or working in the marketing department or even at the constructions. There are different types of certifications that helps to improve your knowledge, out-stand others and to prove that you are subject matter expert.

I am going to share the resources which helped me to get to pass Microsoft 70-533 exam – Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions. There are different ways of getting the knowledge and understanding about the subject. Personally I like to go through the different type of material: books/e-books, training videos and blog posts from the experts. But what is the most important to create the labs and do it yourself. And it is perfectly described by one of the brightest minds in the history – Benjamin Franklin:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Once you get a problem or create one, and solve it after, you will remember and no books or videos will be as effective. But those materials will help you to get some knowledge about the subject, especially when it is really hard to be involved in every scenario.

The main skills measured for the 70-533 exam is:

  • Implement Web Apps (15% – 20%)
  • Implement Virtual Machines (15% – 20%)
  • Implement Cloud Services (15% – 20%)
  • Implement an Azure Active Directory (15% – 20%)
  • Implement Virtual Networks (15% – 20%)

I did read the book by Michael Washam and Rick Rainey – Exam Ref 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions which you can get from Microsoft Press store. The book gives you reasonable break down on high-mid level topics. But keep in mind that book was released back in 2015 and mainly orientated for the Classic Azure Portal.

Another great resource is Microsoft Virtual Academy. If you have not registered yet I totally recommend to do that. MVA releases training videos on any subject, not just Azure and it is a good way to start learning. Particularly for the Azure videos simply filter video by product – Microsoft Azure. Currently they do have more than 140 training videos which is absolutely amazing. And by the way, if you feel comfortable by the speaking speed I recommend to start watching videos on 2x speed. So you can watch two times more videos! Of course it depends on the speaker but anywhere from 1.5x to 2x speed works perfectly fine.

Another alternative I have, is Pluralsight subscription. Great videos from great teachers. There are many hours of videos for 70-533 exam preparation, covering active directory, virtual networks, virtual machines, storage, web apps.

And on top of that there are some great online resources for reading:

Good luck!

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