Operations Management Suite monitoring for Service Fabric

Today I want to show you how to monitor Service Fabric on Azure with Operations Management Suite (OMS). The way that Service Fabric is being deployed on premises and on Azure differs. Basically if you choose Service Fabric to be deployed from Azure market place it is going to be deployed with the number of nodes you have specified. However you won’t be able to access virtual machines directly. You will be able to see it as a nodes, but will not be able to access it remotely.


So the only way to monitor Service Fabric cluster deployed to Azure is by enabling the diagnostic logs in storage account and connect that storage account to OMS workspace.

After connecting to the Solutions Gallery at your OMS workspace you will find that there is a Service Fabric Analytics solution. However it is in Coming state and is not available at the moment to add to your OMS workspace.

Anyway, there is a solution for this. We are going to connect and check all available and enabled solutions from the solutions gallery with powershell.

PS D:\> Get-AzureRmOperationalInsightsIntelligencePacks -ResourceGroupName $NewRG -WorkspaceName $NewWorkspace

Name                    Enabled
----                    -------
Security                  False
Updates                   False
AntiMalware               False
LogManagement              True
ChangeTracking            False
SQLAssessment             False
SCOMAssessment            False
ADAssessment              False
AlertManagement           False
AzureAutomation           False
WireData                  False
SiteRecovery              False
Backup                    False
SurfaceHub                False
NetworkMonitoring         False
Containers                False
AzureNetworking           False
ADReplication             False
Office365                 False
CompatibilityAssessment   False
KeyVault                  False
ServiceFabric             False
DnsAnalytics              False
ApplicationInsights       False
WireData2                 False
AgentHealthAssessment     False
AzureActivity             False
HDInsight                 False
VMware                    False

As we can see Service Fabric solution is being disabled. And here is the magic! We can enable this solution with powershell, even it is disabled on the portal. Let’s run the following:

$solution = "ServiceFabric"
Set-AzureRmOperationalInsightsIntelligencePack -ResourceGroupName $NewRG -WorkspaceName $NewWorkspace -IntelligencePackName $solution -Enabled $true

Name          Enabled
----          -------
ServiceFabric    True

And we can see that solution has been added to the main workspace window.


Now we need to add storage accounts from Azure Service Fabric to OMS workspace and wait till data will get populated.


And as a result we get the following. Great success!

sfresultsThere are some great resources about Service Fabric and Log Analytics in Microsoft documentation page: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/log-analytics-service-fabric-azure-resource-manager/

As well as you can find Service Fabric deployments from github repository:


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