Tools to work with Microsoft Azure cloud

In this blog post I want to share with you what tools I am using while working with the cloud.

To work with ARM templates I use Visual Studio community edition and Visual Studio code. Visual Studio is heavy weight and with basic functionality it takes 8GB if your space to install it. To edit JSON templates I use Visual Studio code.

Just few days ago, Channel9 released introduction about Azure Tools for Visual Studio Code extension in the marketplace. You can check the video here.

In order to access Azure storage, blobs and Azure file share I use Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer.

For network, web debugging – old good friend Fiddler.

For SSH, telnet client, StorSimple installations – PuTTY.

Azure Command-Line Interface (Azure CLI) I use a set of open-source shell-based commands for creating and managing resources in Microsoft Azure. Installation instructions are here.

To move storage around from/to on-premises to/from the blob storage – AzCopy is your friend.

To connect to Azure SQL I am using SQL Management Studio.

Those are mine main playing tools. What tools are you using?

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