Microsoft Azure MVP 2017

I am proud and happy to announce that I became Microsoft Azure MVP. It was not an easy way, but I knew exactly what I wanted and knew that I have to start doing things that I never done before – contributing and sharing my knowledge to the community. I started speaking in the conferences, organising meetups, sharing my knowledge on the forums and started writing a blog. When we are living a busy life it is not always easy to find free time to do all those additional activities. You need preparation, consistency and make the right priorities what is actually important to you to make the path.

If you decide that you really want to become an MVP nothing is going to stop you. Of course deciding without action is nothing and will not take you anywhere. In the beginning of the path you might not know where and how to start. Just start contributing, start sharing your knowledge, start with small things and every time try to do better than the last time.

There are people, friends, colleagues and workplace that would make your path easier. Especially if you have the same goals, vision, passion, dedication. And I have to admit that I am working with the brightest minds who was mentoring me all the way that I became better than I was yesterday. Big thanks to Richard Conway (@azurecoder), Allan Mitchell (@allanSQLIS) and Andy Cross (@andyelastacloud).


Good luck!

p.s. Official MVP site and what it takes to become one, you can find here.

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