Speaking at Powershell London UK usergroup 17th of June

I am happy to announce that I will be speaking at PowerShell London UK Powershell Half day session event. We have decided to run few sessions in parallel with different levels. In this case there is always a way to find yourself in the right room with the right skills. It does not matter if you are experienced or just the beginner in the powershell. The thing is, that unites us all, that all of us want to learn and become better! 🙂

So we have the following sessions running:

Track1: Powershell Essentials[100]
Track2: Advanced Track [300]

Track 1: Commands&Parameters (Ebru Cucen)
Track 2: Objects Deep Dive (Gael Colas )

11:00-11:30 Break& Networking

Track1: Objects&Pipeline (Ebru Cucen)
Track2: IAAS Automation with Powershell on Azure (Martynas Valkunas)

13:00-13:30: Questions and Feedback

During my IAAS session I am going to show different ways how to provision the resources within Azure Resource Manager. First of all, we are going together and will deploy Azure resources using just powershell. We will provision VM in an Availability set, will assign to Network Security Group, will create Load Balancer and rules and will put the traffic going through NLB. Another approach we will take using ARM templates and will provision exactly the same scenarios with ARM template which is based on json while initiating the deployment through the powershell.

It is going to be great event for learning where you can spend just a half a day and learn powershell from the experts with Ebru @ebrucucen  , Daniel @Dan1el42 , Gael @gaelcolas , Ryan @ryanyates1990 , Iain @iainbrighton and myself. Thanks to the Microsoft that gave Azure credits for participants to provision and test cloud resources for free!

See you 17th of June!


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