Update Management for Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure using Operations Management Suite

With my last blog post I have showed you how to protect your Azure VMs if you want urgently push one or another security update. You can find the blog post by clicking here. Today let’s talk how to setup automatic scheduled windows or linux system updates using Operations Management Suite (OMS).

I am not going to go though how to setup OMS, but rather will jump straight to the Update Management solution, which you can simply install from solution gallery. Check the workflow below from Azure documentation page which shows you how the updates are being installed on Windows  machines.

So let’s go to OMS and straight to the Update Management solution. Solution shows that there are 1 Critical, 7 security updates and 1 Update Rollups missing on my demo environment. Assessment are being made by the machine agents every 12 hours.

Let’s click on Manage Update Deployments and configure the update. I simply provide few configuration options, select the VMs and set the time. As well as I can choose if it is one time update or schedule based update deployment. And that is pretty much how easy it is to setup scheduled update deployments to your infrastructure.

After the updates have been trigged by OMS solution let’s check the situation back on my Update Management graphs.


This is that simple! Good luck!


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