Log Analytics workspace upgrade

Important to note that if you or your organisation is using OMS Log Analytics you need to roll out the OMS workspace upgrade. With the new upgrade there are some cool features going to be implemented, but the biggest change is that Microsoft is introducing new query language.

Lots of you who tried to implement the Log Analytics query, will agree with me, that it took some time and precision to make sure that the input of the query will bring back the results you want. And it was not easy to be very specific, especially when you have to be very precise with the case sensitive language.

Anyway, there are few useful links that will help you to get more information on the new features as well as the upgrade process.

MS Blog article: Announcing the new and improved Azure Log Analytics

Log Analytics documentation: Azure Log Analytics upgrade to new log search

Azure Log Analytics – meet our new query language

But if you don’t want to invest any of the time in the upgrade, no stress, Microsoft will do it for you!

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