Azure Backup feature for Azure File Shares

Finally Microsoft released the backup feature for Azure File Shares and it is in public preview. Last year I showed you how I did solve the backup problem with powershell. The blog post and script you can find here.

The illustration below ‘borrowed’ from Microsoft is straightforward with the high level overview.

Let’s check how actually to implement the backups for Azure File Shares.

I have created two Azure File shares – fileshare and second. Next, we need Azure Site Recovery services to be in place. After I got this and select Backup services I need to choose the workload location, which is Azure, and then new feature Azure FileShare. Then storage account, shares, schedule and good to go.

After the backup jobs have been completed successfully let’s go and check what our options are to restore the backed file shares. All I need to do is choose the restoration point, destination and if to create in a new location or overwrite the current share. Nice and easy.

What I missed, more flexible schedule setup for the backups, which hopefully will take place later in the future.


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