MVP Summit 2018

So I had an opportunity and privilege to attend MVP Summit 2018 and it was unbelievable! To be honest it was not the best time for me to travel because of many activities/changes happening on my personal life, which need lots of my time and attention, but I knew that simply I just can’t miss it. Of course I was right … again 🙂

The trip was smooth and even the flight took 10 hours I landed in Seattle the same day, Saturday … and almost the same hour 🙂 Had one day to travel around quickly as it was my first time in Washington state. So took my rental car and made a short 300 mile road trip.

Sunday started with the sessions by fellow MVP numbers, community leaders and others. It was relaxed and to be honest really interesting to listen what other MVPs have to say. The most interesting talk was by Troy Hunt @troyhunt who he talked about his journey. It was funny and playful from the first minute till the last. And really liked the words he said: “…by blogging you start building your own brand…”  which all of us can relate not only to blogging but any community work we do.

Monday we have started with technical sessions. We had an option to build our schedule based on the area we concentrate. My all 5 day sessions were between Azure, Data Center management and Powershell as all of it overlap with each other. It was really pity when I had to choose only one session but there were another really interesting running at the same time.

During the sessions Microsoft product managers were talking about……wait a minute… all the sessions were on the very very strict NDA. So, can’t tell you anything about it….sorry 🙂 But what was really cool to meet not only fellow MVPs that I used to see only from twitter accounts, blog posts, but as well as contributors to Microsoft Virtual Academy which I started using as a training material years ago with my most favourites powershell courses and instructors Jason Helmick and Jeffrey Snover.

So the Friday came like nothing, even we had an intense 5 days of the deep dives and almost no time for the free time. Friday I have explored a bit of the Seattle and few hours decided to dedicate for my old hobby – poker. It was a long time till I played and it was a good run. Anyway next day had to leave and my MVP Summit 2018 was over with the greatest memories.



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