I am back!

I am back! Looking at the last post dates it feels like I haven’t stopped here for a while now. On the other hand it feels like it was just yesterday when I was sharing my insights about the MVP summit. Yeah… time flies indeed.

So what happened with the last half a year now, that there was nothing coming in the form of the blog to share my insights, workarounds, and cool stuff in general that I was working on? I was pretty busy with all the other ideas, community work, conferences and so on.

First of all, busy busy times with the UK Cloud Infrastructure User Group arranging all the interesting content to share and have amazing speakers on baord like Ebru Cucen, Jaap Brasser, Simon Binder – most recent MVP – Congratulations! and others. As well united ideas, resources and men power with Powershell London UK user group with Daniel Krebs ahead. Another big thing, coming Powershell UK conference, happening just few days away – UKs only Powershell conference with really amazing speakers.

Already few weeks inalready, we are teaching total beginners how to start working with the Powershell, giving some guidelines and helping with the first steps into the scripting world. Every Saturday for six Saturdays me and Daniel. If evertyhing goes well, planning to prepare more classes to help people on baord with the powershell and azure technologies where they can start experiencing really hands-on and move forward with they careers.

Then few other ventures that I have got involved and will let you know in the near future, as well as got myself into the online Oxford blockchain programme, which took quite of my time to complete the whole program. And of course there are few other ideas that I have in mind and want to materialize. And of course, the work! Yes I do go to work on the daily basis, haha. We are doing some really great stuff there, and even some of the representitives were talking about the amazing work we do, Hub and Spoke, at Ignite!

As well would like to have and spend some more time on the Lifestyle area, where my idea is/was to share the whole concept of being active, motivated, healthy and become better version of yourself every day. I know that it would be a strong motivation for lot of us, how to find the balance in life and enjoy the ride, concentrating on the journey and not only on the goal.

Anyways, intro is made, now time to enjoy the Powershell day. Busy busy times ahead and have to admit, I love it!


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