Preparation and My Next Spartan Super Race

You remember I have posted not that long time ago that you must find a time to exercise? You understand where is it going, right?

So this is the situation. After my last Spartan race, I haven’t got a chance to find time to prepare for my next one, which is going to be 12-16 kilometres long with 24-29 obstacles – Spartan Super! This is going to be the second race, to my Spartan Trifecta achievement. To whom, who does not know what it is, let me explain. Spartan Trifecta is achieved when an individual finishes each distance – Sprint, Super and Beast in the calendar year. And you can do it anywhere in the world.

And here we go, Sprint was not easy, but it was reasonable hard to complete. Now, it is going to be 2.5 times more difficult and my preparation went totally south. I did some average hiking in Lake District one weekend and hiking in Sweden, but that was it. Now I have two weeks to get the best out of me because the next race is 20th of May (by the way, you can still register and participate, click here). So my plan was start doing 10k runs, add few sessions with my PT, recover for few days and do the best I can on the race day.


So I made my 2 week plan starting Sunday, 7th of May:

Sunday – 10K run
Monday – 10K run
Tuesday – morning 10K run, Personal Training (PT) session in the evening for endurance
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – the same as Tuesday
Saturday – PT session + long run, 10K+ run
Sunday – long run, 15-20K
Monday – 10K run
Tuesday – Friday – rest and recovery days
Saturday – big race day!

Not everything went according the plan, missed few 10K runs in the morning and Tuesday Wednesday PT sessions had to be re-arranged as couldn’t make it. So yesterday, Thursday, had my first planned PT session and it was a killer. I was suffering and it was not nice. My body is sore, muscles are tense and next few days are going to be hard. But suffer now and it will be easier tomorrow.

Quick look for those who are preparing for any race or competition you might think why rest days are important before the race/challenge/competition? It is all about super compensation and timing. It is extremely critical for professional athletes to understand the training patterns and to know their bodies as they need to be on the very very peak on the competition date.

Check the diagram below which perfectly describes what I mean. When you train and exercise, you body’s fitness level is going down. You grow, you become better not when you exercise but when you rest after the training!!! This is why it is so important to give yourself enough sleep and proper nutrition to recovery those broken muscle fibers in the body. And on the race day, you definitely want to be on the top of the yellow Super compensation area.  And this is my ultimate goal for this race even it too little time to prepare.

Oh and by the way, Hurricane Heat. Yes, you read it right. I have registered to this one as well just few days ago. The thing is, it is happening the same day as my Super race. From the workload perspective that I will have to handle is not very smart. The reason why I did that is because it is not so many Hurricane Heat events happening or it is being sold out straight away.

So here I am, with lack of preparation, going for the 12-16km race in the morning and have another race in the evening. It qualifies as a team event, but reading the description I know that we are going to suffer for at least 4 hours…..maybe 6 hours. But that suffer is going to be worth it after.

Check the description below from Spartans official web page:

What is the Hurricane Heat?

The Hurricane Heat gives runners the chance to meet and run with the staff and sometimes even the Founders of Spartan Race in a unique and memorable way. This special heat is held early in the mornings of the race and occasionally on the eve. There is always a mandatory gear list and all Hurricane Heats will venture on and off the Spartan Race Course at the Race Director’s desire. The goal of the Hurricane Heat is to finish as teams. There are no chips, no clock, just a fun run Spartan-style that represents what our company and our athletes are about…getting up when you’re knocked down and finishing what you start.

The Hurricane Heat is designed to break you down over and over again, crafting you into a unified team, capable of overcoming the most difficult of objectives. It will reveal your weaknesses and exploit them until they are strengthened.

Every Hurricane Heat is unique, they are designed to utilize a combination of what is on the course and the areas that surround the course. Often times, there will be a series of missions or challenges that will need to be completed in order to succeed. Burpees are the currency in Hurricane Heats, if something can’t be accomplished for whatever reason there is often times a burpee cost that can get you out of it. Do note that not all challenges have this option so don’t bank on being able to just bust out burpees to finish the Hurricane Heat. We will cover a solid distance in the 3-4 hour time span that Hurricane Heats typically last. Come prepared with food, water, and anything else, like salt tabs, that you may need.

Successful finishers earn a finisher dog tag medal*, entry into a closed networking group, a finisher t-shirt, and the chance of a lifetime discovering the camaraderie derived from becoming a Hurricane Heater.

Wish me luck. In the meantime I am going to suffer doing burpees and running long distances in order to come as a winner-finisher on the race day! Aroooo!

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