Welcome to Lifestyle

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my new page РLifestyle. For quite some time I had an idea in my brain backlog to open independent site and share not only technical stuff with you but other, in my opinion important, subjects like

  • books I read
  • exercises
  • diets
  • exercise plans which I am using
  • motivation
  • and everything else

what I think might be useful for the guys, like you.

The reason why I want to share this because I know that work and only work is not enough to be successful, good, healthy and happy. There are way more things happening in real life, than putting everything to work and only to work. The most important thing is balance and only keeping the balance right between work, family, yourself, you can achieve long term results in every area.

Hope so that my insights will be useful and more importantly you will be able to share your ideas based on the topics to help become better version of our self.

Sincerely Yours,
Martynas Valkunas a.k.a. Magic Marty

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