Library: Soft Skills – The Software Developer’s Life Manual

Soft Skills – The Software Developer’s Life Manual written by John Z. Sommer I have read last year. Even in the title it says software developer’s life manual it is 100% applicable for any IT guy who want to master theirs IT path.

My first reaction was, when my friend strongly suggested to read this book, that I am not a developer, and I should not waste my time. (Un)fortunately I was convinced that it is going to be worth of my time. I decided to take a hit and have to admit – great insights and guide from Mr. John Z. Sonmez.

In this book author goes through his path what made him successful in his life, his insights and recommendations. It covers the overview of the career, learning, being productive, going extra mile and how to achieve goals with the right set of determination. On top of this, and what I believe is extremely important for us, office guys, there are chapters for staying fit and healthy.

Definitely 10 starts out of 10. You can get the copy from here.

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